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As a business owner, your corporate fleet is a vital part of your daily business and important to your overall success. They are a reflection on your company.

At Blue Hen Car Wash we know how important a clean vehicle is to your business, so we designed a Fleet Wash Program that's flexible, easy to manage & control while ultimately providing a great wash for your company fleet.

Perfect for Any Size Business, Large or Small

Great for Municipalities

No Fees

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Convenient Monthly Billing

Detailed Monthly Reports

Blue Hen Car Wash offers FREE Vacs
Blue Hen Car Wash Fleet Wash Program

We'll be happy to custom design a wash program that incorporates either a Blue Hen Car Wash Fleet Card, RFID (radio frequency identification) tags or both!

For more information about our Fleet Wash Program or to schedule an appointment to meet with a Blue Hen Car Wash manager, please call our office in Newark: 302.273.2100 or North Wilmington: 302.529.0800. You can also stop by and the manager on duty will be happy to help you.

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